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Online shopping is easy to love, specially when you find great coupon codes to get further discounts ( visit this
webpage to get all the details). Whats more fun than finding what you need after a few clicks , instead of having to walk around to multiple stores? Well, with Zendesk you’ll get it all for free!

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The service makes it easy to connect with customers and their products via chat, text and even email. In addition, Zendesk makes it easy to connect with vendors and manage sales from your mobile device.

“We’re thrilled that Zendesk is making it possible to quickly find what you need on Zendesk.com for a lower price and on time,” said David Brown, vice president, Zendesk. “We’re thrilled that Zendesk has chosen Zendesk as its official marketplace for the next stage of their mission to become a unified, cross-channel brand.”

Zendesk customers can now quickly and easily buy and sell anything from any mobile device!

“Zendesk is a pioneer in the industry in creating the best platform in the world for businesses to buy and sell goods. We’re thrilled to work closely with Zendesk to bring our Zendesk Marketplace to our customers across the world,” said Ron Brown, chief product officer, Zendesk.com. “Zendesk is also innovating the commerce industry by making it possible to trade a lot of small, high value items, which is the future of commerce. We’re honored to be a part of this long-term journey with Zendesk,” said Bill Ruhl, co-founder and CEO of Zendesk. “Our aim is to help our customers use the cloud and mobile technology to buy and sell things and services in an easy, straightforward way,” added Michael O’Keefe, chief marketing officer, Zendesk.com. Zendesk is one of the world’s leading companies providing a marketplace for business transactions with over $5 billion in business transactions every year and a large community of service providers that can make transactions easier for their customers.

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