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St. Pat’s Parade Update!!

Ok. Folks, we will be lining up on Jones Street between 15th and 16th streets. Facing east.. Parade starts at 10am. So that are asking us to be there by 9:50. Please advised that the later you show, the worse the parking situation will be. Note that the City parking meters are required to be used on Saturdays. The majority of parking meters in the Old Market area are for 2 or 3 hours at $1.25 per hour. The further you get away from the Old Market area the longer the time limits become so heading a few blocks west or south, the meters become 4 hour meters at $0.75 per hour or 10 hour meters at $0.25 per hour.
There is also parking available in certain City Parking garages for $2.00 for the day with the garages opening at 8AM on Parade Day. These Parking garages are located at 15th & Douglas St. and at 11th & Jackson St.
The is also a lot right were we line up, I don’t remember the cost to park there, but it does fill up rather quickly. We will be there around 9:15 am. We will have items and flyers to hand out, so everyone walking is welcome to help! Hope to see everyone there!!


There is also an after parade party (not associated with Omaha BMX). Post Parade party at the Old Mattress Factory,
501 No. 13th St. There  will be plenty of great food, drink, entertainment along with the Awards presentations. Everyone is welcome to go have a good time!!

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