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No Wear BMX Fundraiser Weekend

Omaha BMX and Star City BMX are proud to announce a partnership fundraising event for No Wear BMX. Come join us in Omaha on Friday, May 18th for our regular single points race. On Saturday, May 19th, we’ll be hosting a Holeshot Challenge and pot luck BBQ. And on Sunday, May 20th, join us at Star City BMX in Lincoln for another single points race. Proceeds from all the events over the weekend will be donated to No Wear BMX.

So, what’s the Holeshot Challenge you say? The holeshot is possibly the most important position in a BMX race. The rider that gets the holeshot position is the one exits the first turn first. 90% of races are won from this position. We’d like to invite any and all riders, of all skill levels, to take the challenge. Here’s how it’ll work:

-The fee will be $5 per rider. Riders will be broken down into age groups; 5 & under balance bike/Strider, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21 & over.

-It will be a process of elimination (based on the amount of riders) to get to a 2-rider final.

-Random playing cards will be drawn in the first round for gate assignments.

-The winner of the previous round will get lane choice in the next round.

-The “finish lines” will be the roller after the first jump for balance bikes and the edge of the asphalt of the first turn for all other ages.

Pot luck BBQ and Holeshot Challenge will begin at 4pm on Saturday, May 19th. Bring out any type of food you’d like to share. We’ll get riders signed up as quickly as possible so we can get the challenge underway. Friday and Sunday are regular race days. No Wear will be setting up a ramp and some of their riders will be putting on a stunt show as well. We’re also working on raffle prizes and Holeshot Challenge prizes. More details to come.

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